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90FT LED Strip Lights, “Smile Face” Controller & Remote Built-in Mic Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Lights, Bluetooth APP Light Strip LED Light Strips, LED Strip for Bedroom

  • Design: Micomlan's "Smile Face" controller adopts a cartoon design, and the raised angle of the infrared receiver makes it easier to receive signals. The matching "Smile Face" remote control has a remote control range of up to 360 degrees.
  • DIY: Rope lights are flexible and can be bent and folded. You can cut along the dotted line to mark every 5 LED units to cut led strip lights. You can also adjust the length you want along the dotted lines on both sides of the welding place. You can use 4-pin 10mm Connectors connects the cut rgb strip.
  • COLORFUL CHANGES: Download the APP "Lotus Lantern" to easily change the color of strip lights and adjust the brightness of 1-100%. There are 22 style modes and music modes, microphone mode, and timing mode, which can make the Micomlan led strip show in front of your eyes in a different color and changing.
  • WIDELY USED: RGB strip lights can be used to decorate indoor scenes such as rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, upstairs, kitchens, desks and game tables. The colorful colors of light are especially suitable for Christmas, parties and other occasions. (Please note that the led strip is not waterproof).
  • Perfect Customer Service】We offer a 18 months warranty for LED strip light, If you still have any issues during installation, defective items, replacements or refund, please contact our customer service email for a prompt solution, Micomlan will get it resolved within 24 hours. Please rest assured that we always get your back whenever you are in need of assistance.


Product Description


Micomlan is a self-developed high-end LED lighting brand, specializing in the development of various LED strips. We own our design, development team and our own factory. Our mission is to provide better and creative products and services to bring you a superior shopping and living experience. Welcome to micomlan's dreamy and colorful world.




"Smile face"controller

*Original product, unique design. The raised infrared receiver is easier to operate and remotely control than previous infrared receivers.

*Lovely appearance, simple and practical operation. The receiving angle of the controller is as high as 360°, and any corner of the room can be controlled.

*The "smile face" controller is designed to change colors, turn on/off lights and switch mic modes.

"Smile face" remote

*Cute smiling face shape and simple operation are also suitable for people of all ages.

*Ergonomically designed, it fits the palm of your hand and is more comfortable to use.The remote control distance is 5-8 meters, which can basically cover the entire room

Upgraded connection terminal

*The connection is firm, not easy to fall off. The pin diameter of the traditional 4pin terminal is 0.5mm.The new product is 1.5mm,which is protected by insulating materials.

*Unique anti-reverse insertion design eliminates potential safety hazards caused by reverse insertion.


Light up your room :

*You can adjust the color or brightness of the LED strip lights anytime and anywhere with the mobile APP to bring you a fantastic color experience.

*16 million colors and adjustable brightness, make your party more wonderful, creating romantic, relaxing, party ambiance.


Choose music as you like:

*Open the mobile APP, select the music mode and click to start playing music, when the music rhythm changes,the strip light dances with the music rhythm in the phone.

*At this moment you can immerse yourself in your own world and enjoy the collision of music and lights.


Fire up the party atmosphere:

*The new MIC control method can choose to switch the phone microphone or the controller microphone in the APP to receive the sound. When you speak or sing, led strip will change the color according to the volume and rhythm.

*Controller has a built-in sensitive microphone so that the lights dance with the outside music to make the party atmosphere more enthusiastic.


Ding, time to enjoy the light show:

*According to your work and rest time, the lights are automatically turned on or off, which is more energy-efficient.

*Set an alarm for the LED light strip, it will automatically turn on / off the light at the time you set so that you can make good use of the led strip.

*Let you open your eyes in the wonderful light in the morning instead of the noisy alarm clock.Start a good mood for the day.