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5.lights are flexible and can be bent and folded. Suitable for bedrooms, cabinet, living room, kitchens, dining rooms. They are also great for holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween, Parties and atmosphere decorations. Download the APP "Lotus Lantern" to easily change the color of strip lights and adjust the brightness and speed from 1 percent to 100 percent. Use your smartphone to set a schedule for operation, or enjoy the sound-responsive microphone which prompts the led rope lights to change color with music beats. The App also includes 29 preset scenes ranging from cool-blue leisure light to multicolored flashing party lights. Additionally, you will get a 24V power adapter, a cute Smile Face controller, a 16-key infrared remote is also included for those uncomfortable with smartphone applications, both controllers are easy to use. Our RGB led strips give playful options for lighting children's rooms, perfect for creating a welcoming ambience in your kid's bedroom You'll be able to install Epabina color changing Led lights in no time, thanks to the strong adhesive backing. Epabina ambiance led light strip will stick to dry or flat surfaces and they are suitable for parties or home gatherings. Our Bluetooth led lights have long lifespan up to 70000 hours and these RGB lights work on 24V safe voltage. Low power consumption, super-bright but running with low temperature. Color changing light strip with built-in high-sensitivity mic can sync with music, background soundtracks, and ambient voices to provide a shifting light scheme that fits the mood. To enjoy this wonderful innovation, turn on the music, dim the lights to transform a casual party to unforgettable event. Through the App, you can set a specific time to turn on or off the super bright light strip.

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