OXO SoftWorks Toilet Brush Set, 2-pack

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  • Two Replacement Brush Heads Included
  • Auto-Open Canisters
  • Dual-Action Bristles
  • Ventilated Canister Drip Tray for Fast Water Evaporation
The OXO Good Grips compact toilet brush & canister set makes a subtle, elegant addition to any bathroom. A sleek canister hides the toilet brush when it’s not in use, and automatically opens when the brush is lifted by its non-slip handle. The dual-action bristles for serious scrubbing and cleaning under the rim. The canister’s built-in drip tray catches excess water and promotes fast evaporation through ventilation holes.   

    • (2) toilet brushes
    • (2) auto-open canisters
    • (2) replacement brush heads

    • Canister door hides toilet brush when not in use, automatically opens when brush is lifted
    • Dual-action bristles for serious scrubbing and cleaning under the rim
    • Canister drip tray features ventilation slots for fast water evaporation
    • Compact footprint ideal for small spaces
    • Replaceable heads extend the life of your toilet brushes

Made in China